Geospatial Data


Spreadsheet with 524 biophysical and socio-economic data that relate to the Arctic Ocean. This catalog  includes information about the data category, geographic range, collection organization, time range, frequency, resolution, type, download availability, source, and metadata. This catalog has been compiled and is being updated regularly by the Arctic Options project for various analyses, including cumulative human impact indexes, that apply to the Arctic Ocean in regional and pan-Arctic contexts.

To better understand the relationship between ship traffic and sea ice in the Arctic Ocean – the Arctic Options project has created a web-based visualization of satellite Automatic Identification System (AIS) and  and sea-ice data from July to October of 2014. This visualization eventually will include satellite AIS and sea-ice data back to August 2009. This site can be used to explore the relationship between ship type, size, and flag state in relation to sea ice through time. Additional quantitative analyses are being conducted by the Arctic Options project regionally and on a pan-Arctic basis for the Arctic Ocean. AIS data has been collected and is owned by SpaceQuest Ltd., which is generously sharing these data in collaboration with the Arctic Options project. The sea-ice data was produced by the MASIE project at the National Snow and Ice Data Center.