Arctic Strategic Dynamics: Towards Increased Cooperation or Conflict on Energy and Security in the Arctic

November 28, 2013 | The Hague

Sponsored by:  Glingendael International Energy Program, International Peace Institute, and International Gas Union

Arctic Options Participant: Paul Berkman



The objective of the event was to discuss the impact of energy on security in the Arctic region. The International Peace Institute (IPI), in cooperation with the International Gas Union (IGU), brought together representatives from governments, industry, civil society, and academia to explore challenges and opportunities for multi-lateral cooperation on issues related to the role of the Arctic Council on energy and security issues; debates over Extended Continental Shelf claims; the impact of oil and gas extraction on the environment and indigenous communities; regulation of shipping through the Polar Code; climate change impacts on the Arctic and new sea routes; the scale and viability of resource extraction in the Arctic; the Arctic in national security policies and military preparedness; and risk management for oil and gas exploration and production.