International Forum on ‘Polar Data Activities in Global Data Systems’

October 15 – 16, 2013 | Tokyo, Japan

Sponsored by: Scientific Committee on Arctic Research (SCAR), International Arctic Science Committee (IASC), and ICSU World Data Systems

Arctic Options Participants: Paul Berkman

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Program and Abstracts


The Forum covered topics on effective polar data management, including submission of metadata and data, sharing of data to facilitate new interdisciplinary science, and long-term preservation and stewardship of data from a global viewpoint. Presentations highlighted best practices learned and what must yet be done to ensure the data legacy of International Polar Year (IPY 2007-2008). A significant outcome of the Forum was development of a new strategy and structure for the Arctic Data Coordination Network under the auspices of the Sustaining Arctic Observing Network (SAON), IASC, and the Arctic Council. Fruitful discussions between the polar data community (SC-ADM, NADC, and SAON) and WDS-oriented contributors on data management issues were expected to give new horizons on data management and to forge interdisciplinary relationships. In particular, a new plan for polar data archives, such as PIC cloud, was expected to be sufficiently promoted.

Paul Berkman delivered a keynote speech on “Current Data Practices in Polar Institutions and Networks: A Case Study with the HIACMS Project”.