2014 North Pacific Arctic Conference on International Cooperation in a Changing Arctic

August 20 -22, 2014 | Honolulu, Hawaii

Organized by: The East-West Center and the Korea Maritime Institute

Arctic Options Participants: Oran Young and Lawson Brigham


This conference provided an opportunity for communication between and among the three North Pacific Arctic states (Canada, Russia, and the United States) and the North Pacific Arctic Council observer states regarding emerging Arctic issues.  The program created a forum for institutes, businesses, indigenous peoples, and individuals working on Arctic issues to engage in dialogue. The program included sessions on the following topcs:

  • Business: Patterns of Arctic Investment
  • Strategies: National Arctic Policies
  • Policy: Arctic State/Non-Arctic State Engagement
  • R&D: Innovations Applicable to the Arctic
  • Arctic Peoples: Indigenous Responses to Arctic Development
  • Opportunities: International Cooperation in a Changing Arctic