4th European Marine Board Forum: “ARCTIC 2050: Towards Ecosystem-based Management in a changing Arctic Ocean”

March 12, 2014 | Brussels

Sponsored by: European Marine Board and European Polar Board

Arctic Options Participant: Paul Berkman

EMB Forum Message meeting summary


The 4th Marine Board Forum brought together Arctic stakeholders from multiple sectors, including science, industry, policy & governance, non-profit, etc. to:
• Characterize current trends and patterns of change in Arctic Ocean ecosystems, including human activity;
• Identify possible “2050” scenarios for Arctic Change and the corresponding implications for human health and well-being;
• Highlight key research gaps, needs and challenges in support of understanding, mitigating against, or adapting to Arctic change;
• Stimulate dialogue across sectors to aid common understanding, collaborative actions and sustainability targets;
• Promote a vision for a sustainable ecosystem-based management of the Arctic Ocean by 2050.

Paul A. Berkman spoke on a panel titled “Can Industry and Science Work Together to Achieve Sustainable Management of the Arctic Ocean?”.