Watch! 2016 International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Congress

July 12 – 19, 2016 | Prague

Organized by: ISPRS

Pan-Arctic Options Participants: Paul Berkman

Overview: ISPRS is a leading organization in remote sensing, photogrammetry and spatial information sciences – very high-resolution satellite imagery, terrain based imaging and participatory sensing, inexpensive platforms, and advanced information and communications technologies. Every 4 years the Congress welcomes participants from all over the world. This gathering strengthens relations among the researchers, professionals and representatives of governmental and non-governmental organization thus enhancing the co-operation within the field. ISPRS welcomes all papers bringing new results, achievements, methods and theory to help to shift the present level of knowledge.

On Wednesday, July 13th, Paul Berkman presented on Knowledge Discovery for Global Sustainability in a plenary session.

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Watch an interview with Paul Berkman at the ISPRS Congress.

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