2014 OceanAgenda @Google Marine Protected Area Workshop

April 23 – 24, 2014 | Google West Campus, Mountain View, CA

Sponsored by: Google, US Coast Guard, University of Hawaii, Stanford Center for Ocean Solutions, University of Porto, Anthropocene Institute, and Fish 2.0

Arctic Options Participants: Paul Berkman and Charlotte Vick

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This workshop brought together people from different spheres (enforcement, legal, technology, philanthropy, and advocacy) to brainstorm and problem-solve what is needed to exponentially accelerate and enhance protection of marine life using new technologies within existing enforcement frameworks. The challenge: Marine protected area enforcement resources are extremely limited locally and globally and largely rely on traditional methods involving significant ship time, fuel usage, and personnel time. New automated technologies show promise in dramatically enhancing enforcement capabilities in more cost-effective and energy efficient ways. Working together, enforcement and surveillance technology developers and enforcement personnel may be able to speed up the development and prototyping of new automated technologies that can substantially advance local and global enforcement capacity.