November, 3 2017
The Arctic Science Agreement propels science diplomacy
Research article published in Science
Paul A. Berkman, Lars Kullerud, Allen PopeAlexander N. VylegzhaninOran R. Young

December 6, 2016
U.S.-Russia reset and the first Arctic head-of-state summit

Op-ed published in Alaska Dispatch News
Paul A. Berkman

April 19, 2016
Governing the Bering Strait Region: Current Status, Emerging Issues and Future Options

Research article published in Ocean Development and International Law
Paul A. Berkman, Alexander N. Vylegzhanin, and Oran R. Young

December 2015
Responding to Crisis in the Arctic
Article published in Proceedings
Paul A. Berkman and Admiral James Stavridis

June 11, 2015
Institutional Dimensions of Sustaining Arctic Observing Networks (SAON)
Journal article published in Arctic
Paul A. Berkman

May 19, 2015
Let science guide the way
Op-ed published in the New York Times
Paul A. Berkman

April 6, 2015
Escalating Tensions Challenge U.S. Chairmanship of the Arctic Council
Op-Ed Published in the Huffington Post
Paul A. Berkman, Lloyd N. Axworthy, and Oran R. Young

October 30, 2014
‘Unstructured Data’ Practices in polar institutions and networks: A case study with the Arctic Options project
Paper published in Data Science Journal
Paul A. Berkman

June 23, 2014
Stability and Peace in the Arctic Ocean through Science Diplomacy
Paper published in Science & Diplomacy
Paul A. Berkman